Is an Inn Right for You?

is-an-inn-right-for-youIf you’ve never spent a night in an inn, then you might be very conflicted about the prospect of staying in one. Some people picture long lines just to take a shower when they think about an inn, which couldn’t be further from the truth.

The truth about inns is that they are very diverse and offer some of the best customized services you’d ever want from a hotel. Depending on how deep your pocket, there’s always something for everyone.

The beauty of inns

One thing that makes each inn unique is the fact that each is a representative of its locale, so you don’t expect an inn in Manchester to be same as an Inn in Frankfurt. Inns mostly feature the local flavor in its food as well as lifestyle.

Why go for an Inn

As much as a luxury, an inn is not cheap, they are more pocket friendly than hotels which offer similar services. If you particularly factor in all the free services you get from staying in an inn, then staying there is undoubtedly worthwhile if you consider the fact that that most if not all services in hotels come at a price.

Additionally, you are more likely to get freshly brewed coffee and tea, freshly baked cookies and food made using in season ingredients in hotels instead of the monotonous contemporary food that’s served in most hotels.

Choosing an inn

The important thing when choosing an inn is being clear on your reasons for going on a ‘vacation’. For example, if it’s a romantic getaway, inquire if there are any special packages you can get. Get all the information about the inns you are interested in before narrowing down that best suits your needs and offers the most value for your money. One thing’s for sure, if you’ve never stayed in an in, it’s about time!