Why We Love Inns

delicious-breakfastA group vacation differs in so many ways from a solo vacation. You will find here all the tips you should know before you head out for a solo adventure, what you should bring to the amazing group activities you can indulge in with your family or friends. But, perhaps the most important piece of the puzzle is figuring out where you are going to be staying during your vacation.

There are so many reasons why choosing a nice and cozy bed and breakfast beats going to a busy and huge hotel or resort. Some of the reasons that make inns a vacation home of choice are:-

Delicious breakfast

Most inns go by the name bed and breakfast meaning they offer breakfast every morning of your stay. The great thing about inns is that they are mostly not packed, and you might find that only your family is staying in the inn which means you can even request for breakfast that’s been made the way you like it. Additionally, most inns don’t offer contemporary style breakfasts like you’d get in a fancy resort. Instead, you’ll get a home cooked meal that reminds you of your mom’s or grandma’s cooking.

A break from the city noise

Most inns are located outside major cities and are surrounded by a soothing environment with beautiful scenery. Most people enjoy the homey and natural feeling of an inn away from the hustle and bustle of the city. The fact that inns are not usually full to capacity is an added plus as you don’t need to worry bumping into other people everywhere you turn.

Greater control

Unlike a hotel, you can schedule the cleaning hours to a time that’s convenient to you. This allows you to enjoy your stay and do all the things you’d planned to do at your own convenience.